We’re probably just fools fueled by love and respect for our planet Earth, and sharing a desire for a healthier lifestyle, we decided to do something radical…

We wished that more people would be able to choose nutritious food and discover the benefits of a harmonious attitude towards life (plus eating made-in-China chicken breasts and pizza didn’t fill us with joy anymore)…and that’s why we created Veggie.

Our goal is to create a new view on the vegetarian diet and show that it can be really delicious, nutritionally balanced, varied and fun.

We serve seasonal and healthy meals made of ingredients that we try to get from local suppliers, who practice sustainable ways of processing, agriculture and farming.

Please don’t look for meat in Veggie (and yes, fish count as meat too).. Even though the Veggie offer is not solely for vegetarians, we still hope we can inspire all of you to include this diet partially into your lifestyle as a way to contribute to the renewal and protection of our nature. Choosing just one vegetarian meal per day makes a much bigger difference than one might think.

We didn’t forget about vegans and people with celiac disease either, there’s plenty to choose from in our offer for them as well. Everyone is welcome!

Our concept is simple: availability. That’s why we opened the Veggie bistro in the center of Bratislava and plan to kick off lunch delivery to companies soon. If time and luck are on our side, our ambition is to make it to the food courts of big shopping malls, where most of the health-conscious people feel like Alice in Wonderland.

Fast or slow? When it comes to service, we’re definitely fast, but philosophically, we belong to the slow food movement category. In Veggie we try to reconnect food with its roots and people with their food.

If you made it this far, we’ll tell you a secret: we’re a purely Slovak concept. But don’t tell anyone ‘cuz after that it might not be so cool anymore. Thanx!