We’re proud of what we’re doing. But we’re also aware of the fact that we can do much more. Here’s a short list of our goals:

  • Move towards using 100% organic foods from verified sources, because despite all the antipropaganda our common sense still tells us that organic tomatoes ripened outdoors are much tastier and healthier than conventional tomatoes that have never seen clean soil and have never been kissed by sunlight.
  • Eliminate CO2 emissions from our delivery by choosing electromobiles and bicycles as means of transport for distribution. Very daring indeed, but if others could make it, we can too!
  • Produce at least 50% of the fresh produce “inhouse” in our garden and make more of our own ingredients, such as those that we often use in cooking (for example home-made soymilk, seitan, ketchup, jams etc.). This also a way to say thank you for your contributions to our compost.
  • Get all the electricity from green energy suppliers. If you know anyone, please contact us.
  • Bake and cook using only gluten-free flours and (pseudo)grains that don’t know pesticides and genetic “styling”. Only few people realize that even flour is not what it used to be anymore. We do.
  • Organize wonderful events where we can celebrate healthy lifestyle and support great projects together, because we know that there’s strength in unity.

If you think you can help us with the accomplishment of our mission, don’t hesitate to contact us!