We share values that are different than those of other food vendors; ours can be summed up as follows:

1. I think, therefore I am vegetarian… Our products are 100% vegetarian, you’ve probably guessed that already. We believe that if more people decided to make this important transition, we would live in a much more harmonious, more ecologically stable and healthier world. Why? Well, let us bring you into the picture: the animal products food industry is responsible for 18% of all the CO2 & greenhouse gas emissions, which is more than all transport combined! It’s surprising, but animals are responsible for almost 2/3 off all the ammonia emissions - and ammonia is a major contributor to acid rains and the acidification of ecosystems…It’s insane that 70% of the grains grown for food will actually become the feed of these factory farmed animals, while there are millions of starving people around the world…In addition, 70% of the originally forested land in Amazon has been turned into pastureland for cattle and the number keeps on growing every day. Doesn’t it make you wanna cry? Point is there’s something we can do about it and that’s a good reason to celebrate fellaz!

2. Seasonal and local… One conditions the other. Not only are we able to better digest the fruits and vegetables grown in our region, but we also support the local economy and reduce transport-produced emissions by doing so as well. That’s why you’ll only find meals prepared using locally grown fruits and veg in Veggie. What’s the point in importing asparagus from Chile and apples from China, when there’s better stuff just around the corner, right?

3. Positive food, positive life… We use ecologically harmless ingredients in our kitchen, we avoid artificial preservatives and colorings, we choose only the highest quality, prefer baking to frying, we use only unrefined sugar and sea salt instead of classic table salt, and we prefer using easily digestible or gluten-free flour alternatives to common white wheat flour.

4. Happy people, happy product… We at Veggie realize that we don’t work to live, but on the contrary, we live to work and to improve the lives of those around us. That’s the reason why we try to build meaningful relationships with all of the customers, suppliers and colleagues.

5. Eco-friendly packing… In Veggie we only use packaging made of recycled or compostable materials to pack all the foods. We cooperate with the Duni company that supplies us with packs made of vegetable polymers and paper exclusively coming from controlled timber industry. We try to ensure that purchasers get reusable containers with bigger purchases. We’re proud that we’re not contributing to the world’s growing amounts of non-biodegradable waste!

6. The grass was greener… We use as many sustainable and recyclable materials as possible. There’s recycled furniture and accessories, eco-friendly color paint, recycling waste bins, economical LED lighting, energy-saving appliances, ecological detergents and promo materials printed on recycled paper in our Veggie interior. We compost our organic waste in our garden that gladly repays us our deposit.

These are the little things that we do to protect our planet and to help create a better world for all the beings living in it.