“Live and let live” is the motto of the modern human ‘homo democraticus’.

We’ve learnt that diet and lifestyle are matters of personal choice. As a result, we more or less respect everyone around us despite their choices, not realizing what the consequences might be. As our planetary clocks tick away, it’s becoming extremely difficult to ignore the news about climate change and the not-so-fortunate development of our otherwise, of course, very mature society. And so, like it or not, we had to start thinking.

We realized that it’s about time to raise awareness about the environmental crisis and to show at least some effort in creating a better today and tomorrow for all of us. The main pillar of support at Veggie is our belief that every single one of us can make a significant impact. It’s not a cliché, even though it may sound like one. Our philosophy is to contribute to the change of the world by combining principles of healthy eating, ecological sustainability and kind living with the innovative common sense of the simple folk.